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I will make an attempt to list items for sale that anyone has...It will be a one stop look-over for anyone wanting to sell any of their craft supplies. I will however, not publish any cards, scrapbooks or items that are hand-mademade, only supplies. I hope this little page helps you get your supply.

Posted on 17 Jan,2011

CUTTLEBUG B Replacement Cutting Plates Pads- (contains 2 B plates)
 Selling for Rs. 460 ($9.99) Plus Shipping.  
To purchase, contact Karuna at karunasud (at) gmail (dot) com

For locally cut acrylic blocks and B and C cuttlebug replacement plates (they're acrylic plates after all) get in touch with Anita at anitakejriwal (at) hotmail (dot) com. 
Blocks are 1/2" thick, size is around 5x5 and cost 100 bucks
Cuttlebug plates are 100 bucks each. The only difference is that the corners are not rounded off like they are in your original cuttle bug plates.