Friday, April 1, 2011

Ananda Stationery

Located in Chennai, I think this is the best place for Paper-mania and other patterned paper packs. Very reasonable in price. I think most of us know about this place, but for those who don't here are a few things about them...

 Ananda Stationery will custom make 10 mm acrylic blocks in various sizes for a very competitive prize. Shobana was able to get 10 blocks for Rs.650- all ten were diff sizes and shapes.

He is also looking to order Cuttle bug dies, Spellbinders dies sometime soon. If he hears enough noise about other companies from us, he might order their dies too (eg Just Rite Stampers etc).
 He got a Cuttlebug recently but the price was outrageous (apparently he had to pay a hefty duty to get it into the country)
Just got copic sets, has brads in a few colors. Embossing stencils.

 He also wants to order clear stamps. He is looking for  diff company names and maybe we crafter can help him with all of that.
- He carries a whole lot of pp too from diff companies and he keeps getting fresh stock in. Here's a link to all the paper in stock right now..Paper (in case you're unable to see it, you might need a facebook account and add them as a friend)
He is willing to post items to any part of the country. 
Here's the contact information
  • 4424412494Mobile
  • 4424402824Work



I'll be posting more details as I get them.


  1. Hi.. can you help me finding any such store in Mumbai, where I can find all good quality stamping and card making supplies? And it'd be great if I can find a cuttlebug too! Thanks! :)

  2. thank u so so much for this info believe it or not was searching for this very store on the net a few days back as i wanted to check it out on my next trip to chennai and now i see u have done a whole blog post on it .its too good to be true.

  3. Wow this is great news...will check it out soon..I mean when I get over the guilt of spending on craft supplies which I over indulged in recently

  4. Really appreciate your effort in sharing such valuable information with all of us..

  5. wow!! you have a nice list going here.. i've been out of bloggin area since a long time now!! Checked this for the ongoing ICR challenge.. Thanks for sharing so much..

  6. Thank You so much for making things so easy. I would like wooden mounted stamps as I do not have a single piece.
    Do chk my card at the ICR challenge.

  7. oh finally i am leavng a comment as i dnt want to miss out the candy:))anandha is gng to get dies n stamps??thats really grt news which i am not aware of,..Well i need more info's on stamping related things as i am still confused what to buy and whats not.

  8. o.k,alright,so this is D only thing left to complete d candy winning u suggest some shops like d ananda stationary somewhere in new delhi ??that would really be a great help..!!my DH has a suggestion-we should pool d order n buy stuff in bulk online so as to minimize d cost from the best suppliers.

  9. Thank You Tejal. Will add this link too on my craft supply links

  10. Hi :) I visited this store and got design papers..He has lot of good craft supplies.. I got punches and design papers.. Really very good store for paper crafts:)


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