Thursday, March 24, 2011


Etsy is a good place to get ribbons, pearls, and sometimes stamps and papers too.
I just brought these stamps off Etsy

From this shop. Great prices and paid 5 $ in shipping straight to my home. It took around 15 days for it to get here. But super good prices.

I'm looking for people who would love to show off what they shopped, where they shopped and how much they spent in shipping. If you're interested, send me an email. I need help updating this blog. Interested, hop right in!


  1. Hi, Nice purchase. I have purchased almost all my supplies online using Global Ebay and till date I have purchased a lot (I spent around INR 30K on Global Ebay) and I had a great experience with them. Though the items are limited but still the deals are great and the prices are all inclusive.

  2. hey i love shopping at etsy. i Sizzix bought my Big Shot off etsy. its a grt place
    ty for the post

  3. Hey Tejal

    have been here many times but just letting you know :)
    This place is like one stop shop inquiry for curious cats like us :)

  4. these look like a great buy!! This particular shop is great. Hopefully I will buy something soon.

  5. Thanks so much Tejal for this info! I just ordered few things from etsy after reading this post. Will let u know the details once I receive it :)

  6. This is really educational and very informative in this subject.

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  7. Hi Tejal,

    Thanks for the wonderful info.

    How do you purchase on Etsy?
    Do you use a Paypal account?

    Can I purchase using my Indian Debit Card(International)?

  8. Hey Tejal,
    I am looking for "NEEDLE FELTING SUPPLIES", do you know any suppliers or craft shops i can get them from !! i have the wools, looking for the needle !
    your help would be of utmost importance to me !
    Thanks :)

  9. Hey,
    Im looking for Needle Felting Supplies, have you any idea where i can get them in india??? to
    Thanks :)


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