Monday, January 17, 2011

Custom Crops

Custom Crops
Pro's - Good selection for Cricut machines and cartridges, good discounts and there's a sale on quite a few items all the time.
Good range of product choices.
They do ship internationally.

I have not found a good range in punches.
Shipping takes a long time. (Anita's order in Nov 2010 is still en-route)

Let me know if any one else  has shopped here.


  1. I ordered from custom crops in Nov,2010 as the shipping was very low but I,m still wiating for my stuff. Although from paperdreamstore , I got my stuff in 15 days.

  2. I received a message from Customcrops that if I send them the shipping only, they would resend me the things. What should I do?

  3. I find that their shipping takes awhile even in the US! Anita maybe you can try again if its something you really wanted.

  4. I ordered from Custom Crops in 2010 Feb... the Cuttlebug and few other things... though it came well in time into Indian shores, the customs guys here delayed things for me and made me pay heavy heavy duty! But I didn't face any problem from their end!


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