Monday, May 9, 2011

Global Ebay

Article by Aditya Gupta
What is Global Ebay?Global eBay is service offered by eBay where an international resellers buys item from US and then imports it and sends to us by courier (in this case the international reseller is ICWorld and they use Blue Dart courier)

How to Order
To order items from Global Ebay, you need to be a registered user of Ebay. In the main homepage under the search box there is a link to Buy from US or you can use the following link:

You can search for item, look into various categories and then place an order as you would do on eBay. For those who haven't placed order through eBay here are steps:

1. Search and select the product
2. Click on Buy now and then you will be taken to confirmation page, there you will need to confirm your address, you can also add any coupon code if you have (ebay sends coupon codes regularly to your register mail which you can use to redeem for upto 10% of price). Then you will need to select the payment method, the following methods : Credit Card, Debit Card of most banks, Online Banking Transfer. If you have ICICI Bank Credit Card then you can also use EMI Feature.
3. Upon providing your card details you will be taken to Verified by Visa or Mastercard page. It is mandatory in India for banks to have an additional security step. Depending upon your bank you will be asked either password, ATM PIN or any transaction ID. Give the password there then your transaction will be completed. This way your card details are safe.

An additional security feature: If you have HDFC Debit Card then you can create Virtual Credit Card from HDFC Bank Website. On HDFC Bank site select Netsafe card.

4. After confirmation of payment you will receive an email from ebay and ICWorld regarding your order.
5. Within 7 days the international Reseller will purchase the item for you and then provide you a shipping code.
6. Using the shipping code you can track your order.
7. Within next 10 days the order will be shipped to you. The time will vary according to Custom delays.

Pricing on Global Ebay
The price displayed on Global Ebay for every item is full and final, you will not need to pay anything extra. The price displayed will be inclusive of Shipping, customs and every other charges.

1. You can get great deals on Global Ebay
2. The Prices given are inclusive of everything
3. There is no need to pay additional shipping or customs or any excise duty etc.
4. You will get full refund if the item is not shipped upto designated date.
5. For craft items, I feel Global Ebay is paradise. You can find Ink Pads, Stamps, Papers etc. at a great price.

One tip: Always look for "Lot" or multiple products in one listing as that way you can save more. If you buy individual items then the price will be more than what you will pay for a lot purchase. For example, one stamp set will cost around Rs. 900 while a lot of 10-12 packs will cost Rs. 2000 only. This way you can save on lot products. you need to search deeply.

Important thing to remember: Do look for description as if you are not satisfied by product then it will be pain to get it replaced. Sometimes you will be confused on description so take time and look on other websites for description regarding that item. Also don't forget to look for other sources too. I can give one example, once I found a deal for 3 Yards of Vinyl for Rs. 2000, since I was not familiar with Yards so I was tempted but upon converting it with inches and feet measure I found that I could get that much Vinyl for Rs. 400 only in local market. So I saved my money otherwise I would be disappointed a lot.

1. The shipping cost is high, especially for low cost products.
2. If the product is not delivered then you will get refund but the time will be very much. One item was not delivered to me but due to delivery deadline and the refund process, my money came back to my account after one month from date of order.
3. You can not check the quality of product (same as every online shop), you need to rely on description.
4. Sometimes delivery can take a long time. I once get my order delivered in 25 day after order.

But overall its a great place to order and get really cheap items. For those who are looking for cuttelbug, Silhouette SD, ecraftwell, they can safely buy from Global Ebay.

Some items I have purchased from Global Ebay: Silhouette SD, Replacement blades, Cutting Mat, Wooden Stamp Lot, Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pades, Clear Acrylic Stamps, Sakura 3D Gel and Glaze Sketch Pens and lots more stuff.

One final thing: Do not order anything that can not be shipped by Airplane, like spray cans, adhesive spray etc.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Indian Crafter's Supply Stores

There are many bloggers who have taken the plunge and made it easy for us to shop for things. I will list them as I get to know more about their stores and blogs. CLICK ON THEIR NAME TO GO TO THEIR WEBSITE/STORE... ETA- Lord, so much has changed in the two years that I wrote this post....There is an explosion of craft stores and I will update the post in a new post...(make sense? )

Ujjwal stocks Echo Park, Unity Ippity stamps, Studio Calico, Maya Road products and many more are in the pipeline.
For any queries email her at - ujjwal.handmadewithlove( AT) gmail (DOT) com

The link is for her craft store. Kavitha stocks up on lots of die-cuts, border punch outs,  and more recently scrapbooking kits.
Contact her at :

The link leads to her store blog. She has a lot of embossing powders, heat gun, stamps, inks, stickers in stock.
Contact her at-

It links to her die cuts blog, but she has much much more. Punches, stamps, papers, inks, aqua brushes etc. 
Get in touch with her at  -

Neha has just started her supply blog. She has a lot of baby embellishments, flat back pearls, punches and papers in stock.
Get in touch with her at - OR

As of now she's offering tape runners, paper trimmer, Jef punches, double sided tape, and glue dots. Color box ink pads and Studio G stamps will be available soon.
Contact Radhika at  Crazee Daizy Crafts  -crazeedaizy AT gmail DOT com

Sudha Kalra
Sudha has some cute papers, some tape runners, embellishments, punches etc at very reasonable rates.
Email Sudha at sudhakalra2002 AT gmail DOT com

Lots of embellishments, stamps, ribbons and blings at pretty good prices.
Contact her at  jovitaserrao AT yahoo DOT com

Priyanka Dutta
Just a newly opened store, with lots of papers, punches, stamps etc...
contact Priyanka at

Imaginations Online
the first fully fledged online store...Inkpads, Die cut machines and dies, stamps, papers etc. 

Priya Sivraj 
She has quite a few things for sale on her blog page- stamps, dewdrops, dies stickers, paper pads etc...
Contact her on

 If you have a store and would like me to list you here, please leave a link to your supply blog, the items you stock and your email address. I will list it asap.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ananda Stationery

Located in Chennai, I think this is the best place for Paper-mania and other patterned paper packs. Very reasonable in price. I think most of us know about this place, but for those who don't here are a few things about them...

 Ananda Stationery will custom make 10 mm acrylic blocks in various sizes for a very competitive prize. Shobana was able to get 10 blocks for Rs.650- all ten were diff sizes and shapes.

He is also looking to order Cuttle bug dies, Spellbinders dies sometime soon. If he hears enough noise about other companies from us, he might order their dies too (eg Just Rite Stampers etc).
 He got a Cuttlebug recently but the price was outrageous (apparently he had to pay a hefty duty to get it into the country)
Just got copic sets, has brads in a few colors. Embossing stencils.

 He also wants to order clear stamps. He is looking for  diff company names and maybe we crafter can help him with all of that.
- He carries a whole lot of pp too from diff companies and he keeps getting fresh stock in. Here's a link to all the paper in stock right now..Paper (in case you're unable to see it, you might need a facebook account and add them as a friend)
He is willing to post items to any part of the country. 
Here's the contact information
  • 4424412494Mobile
  • 4424402824Work



I'll be posting more details as I get them.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Etsy is a good place to get ribbons, pearls, and sometimes stamps and papers too.
I just brought these stamps off Etsy

From this shop. Great prices and paid 5 $ in shipping straight to my home. It took around 15 days for it to get here. But super good prices.

I'm looking for people who would love to show off what they shopped, where they shopped and how much they spent in shipping. If you're interested, send me an email. I need help updating this blog. Interested, hop right in!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Custom Crops

Custom Crops
Pro's - Good selection for Cricut machines and cartridges, good discounts and there's a sale on quite a few items all the time.
Good range of product choices.
They do ship internationally.

I have not found a good range in punches.
Shipping takes a long time. (Anita's order in Nov 2010 is still en-route)

Let me know if any one else  has shopped here.

Creative Express

Comment from Anita:

Three of us, myself, Lucy and Laura had ordered together splitting the shipping costs. I got my things in time. Although, I find the prices a little high there.

Link to the store - Creative Express

Good for cuttlebug and cricut cartridges
Ships Internationally ( seee link)

Does not accept PayPal
No too many choice in stamps, punches.

Just for fun, I checked the prices of Echo Park's Little Girl Kit in Creative express and Twopeasinabucket, see the fun. I think CE is ridiculously over priced.